1) Bunch of Love (Out of Stock)

 2) Chasing Love (Out of Stock)

3) Dinner Love (Out of Stock)

Product's Remarks:
Beware of the pirated design relabeled as OCCO Couple Tees sold by unauthorized individual and store. 
Do not support pirated product as the pirated tees are much more low in quality compared to our original production.
We highly appreciate those who have seen our pirated tees in unauthorized dealer outlet to report and submit the picture of fake Couple Tees.
The original Pixie Studio Couple Tees should have Pixie Studio tag at the bottom side of the tees.

4) Pool of Love (Out of Stock)

5) Love Swing (Out of Stock)

6) Hers & His

7) The Love Melody 


We receive customized orders for special events and occasions. Refer the details below for your order reference.

Material : Shining Steel
Size : 4.3 cm
Color : Fullcolor
Printing Type : Laser

60 pcs : RM2.20/pcs
100pcs: RM2.00/pcs
300pcs: RM1.60/pcs
500pcs: RM1.45/pcs

Additional Charges:
Cartoon version : Price starts from RM30-RM55
Image Tracing : RM10-RM25
Simple Design : FOC

Send your design draft to:
Fast inquiries: 019 668 6643 (Mr.Abdul Azim)

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